Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday Sales Flyer

Ah, the joys of Wednesday...not only does the Chicago Tribune have the Food Guide but also the grocery store sales fliers. You can save a lot of money by purchasing the loss leaders (items significantly marked down to draw people into the store) that are advertised. I like to browse the fliers and then think about some meal planning ideas based on what's on sale.
The things that caught my eye this week that were only $.99 each or per pound were the whole chickens, the cheese, the Barilla pasta, and the fresh flowers from Jewel. Flowers are an extravagance but for a dollar, they are so worth it.
I love to roast a whole chicken. I clean it out, stuff it with cut up lemon, garlic, and fresh rosemary and thyme if I have them, dried if I don't. I salt and pepper the outside and rub on some chopped herbs. Then I roast it in the oven at a pretty high temperature (400 - 425) for about 2 hours, basting occasionally. It always turns out delicious and if it's just my husband and I eating, there are plenty of leftovers. The leftover chicken make a great addition to salads or pasta, and then I use the carcass for a soup.

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